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Tate Publishing, London and The Carl Andre and Melissa L. Kretschmer Foundation
are working together to create a complete catalogue of the poems of Carl Andre. 
The publication will record and illustrate some 1,500 poems made by the artist
between 1957 and 2000.  Each work will be accompanied by detailed information
about its origin, provenance, exhibition history, and a bibliography, in addition
to extensive supporting material.  This will be the first comprehensive catalogue
on the artist's poetry.

Central to the publication will be the accuracy and merit of its scholarly
information.  The project team are at this time conducting a search of all poems
made by the artist, including carbon, and photostatic versions, as well as any 
written, audio and/or video recordings, and other documentation relevant to 
creating the definitive statement on Carl Andre's poetry.

Current and past owners of poems by Carl Andre are kindly encouraged to visit the
Tate Museum website in order that they may complete their online form to register
each Carl Andre work(s):